Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays

Like the song suggests, research has shown that Monday is the least productive and most hated day of the week.

The problem with Mondays is….that they come after Sundays. Many people associate the former with the start of new to-do-lists, projects that need to be started or resumed, chasing up suppliers, getting dreaded emails from accountants or creditors that need to be actioned etc. Sundays on the other side, are days of relaxation, reflection, rest and family time.

The key to changing this lies in how you prepare for the week. You can remove a lot of the Monday morning overwhelm and stress by planning the day’s tasks in advance.

As a solopreneur, your day of reflection is typically a Sunday. I find Sunday evenings the ideal time to set 15-30 minutes aside to plan the week ahead. Write down three important tasks you want to complete every day that week, starting on Monday. Yes, three only!

Adding more than three tasks to your daily to-do-list, is likely to dilute your results and reduce your effectiveness. The more tasks in the list, the less chance that you will get them done! It’s likely that you will choose the most ‘fun’ tasks to start with and end up just doing them, ignoring or postponing the things you know deep down will make a bigger difference to your results, but take you out of your comfort zone because they are not ‘fun’.

Better to have three important tasks in your daily to-do-list, and get only one done, than eight tasks of which you finish five, none of which is essential! Be honest to yourself and pick out next week the tasks you know you really need to complete. Then focus on completing them as early in the day as possible. ‘Eat That Frog’ like a wise man said! You will be amazed at the results, and the more you put this into practice, the less overwhelmed and stressed you will feel at the start of the week. 
Go get ’em!

Here’s to a productive and exciting week,
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