How Comfortably Do You Sit?

We all love our comfort, and dwell in it most of the time. Unfortunately, in order to make all important changes to our lives, to become experts in our field or to learn something new, we will need to get out of it. And there in the cold, outside that comfort zone, that’s where fear resides.

Having the right strategies and tactics is one thing; sure, you need clear and smart goals and an action plan to take you from vision to action. But I have seen time and again people with the most sophisticated action plans failing to realise them when these plans leave the drawing board and enter the real world.

Unless you have a strong and determined mindset; unless you are committed to invest time and effort until you excel in achieving what you desire and turn actions to habits; unless you are prepared to continue making mistakes and learning from them over and again, you will revert back from your fear zone to your comfort zone. 

But the see-saw can go either way. If you continue adjusting your balance, it will eventually tip forward rather than back, pushing you into your growth zone. And that’s where magic happens 💫

You’ve got this!

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Published by Kostas Panagiotou-The Freedom Composer

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