Playing Music Benefits Your Mental Health

Have you ever regretted not having had the opportunity to learn to play your favourite songs on your favourite musical instrument? Maybe at some point in the past you were motivated to learn an instrument, but life got in the way with all its challenges and busy demands?

There is increasing evidence on the benefits of being engaged with music on our mental health. And, it seems, the benefits not only come from listening to music, but also from playing music.

In a fascinating conversation with professional musician and ‘musical de-stressor’ Mark Deeks, we discussed the healing powers of music and the benefits on our mental health of singing in a choir or learning to play the piano.

Mark also dispelled some common myths which are holding back busy people from learning to play the piano. These range from ‘I don’t have the time’ (you can make progress just by devoting 15 minutes a day on playing) to ‘I will need to figure out how to play scales and play classical music’ (Mark teaches a method which doesn’t require either).

Mark has spent more than 20 years working as a musical director, pianist, arranger and teacher, and has built a really diverse group of musicians as a client base. From artists such as Faye Tozer of Steps to black metal bands Winterfylleth (a band Mark ended up joining) and Drudkh. He has given Lenny Henry piano lessons, and written versions of songs by metal stars Sonata Arctica for symphony orchestra and choir.

 You can find information about Mark’s ‘Not Another Piano’ Book here

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