How to Waste an Extra Hour a Day

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were gifted an extra hour in the day? Would you use it to do more exercise, go to the gym or perhaps see more of your family? Or maybe you would spend more time engaging with your hobby, whether it’s playing the piano, crocheting or reading?

The thing is…you probably already know the answer, as there is at least one day in the year where you are gifted this extra hour: every winter, when the clocks go an hour back, you wake up to one day with a bonus hour at your disposal! What do you do with that extra hour? The answer is, probably not very much.

As self employed professionals and solopreneurs, we tend to get lost in the daily details of our actions and often forget about the big picture. Going from chasing up suppliers to providing a service, training staff, finding new customers and keeping existing ones, it often feels like we are constantly jumping from one thing to another without any breathing space or time for reflection.

Because of this, we sometimes lose our alignment with our ‘why’. In our mindlessly going from action to action and ticking off items from our to-do-list, we forget to enjoy ourselves and to feel some of that enthusiasm and energy we should be feeling by doing what we always wanted to do, when we chose to be self-employed and become masters of our destiny.

Whenever you are asking yourself a hypothetical question about what you would do if you were gifted extra time, you are likely to get some recurrent answers.  You might say to yourself  ‘I want to spend more time with my family’, ‘get more sleep’ or ‘exercise more’. Such recurrent answers typically point to driving values, such as creating connection with others, rest and balance, health. These point to themes which are important in your life and can’t be ignored. So start making time for them right now!

If you can’t free up an hour a day, then start with whatever little time you can allocate to this activity. 10-15 minutes of exercise or spending time with family a day, will add up to 70-105 extra minutes a week of doing what is important to you. And that is over an hour of weekly activities that matter to you. 

And doing what matters, is what it’s all about, right?

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