Cultivating a Champion’s Mindset

Last week, I had a fascinating chat with Kickboxing Champion Jessica Fleischer. In this fascinating conversation, which can be viewed above, we learn about what it takes in order to develop the mindset of a champion. What can we learn and apply in our day-to-day business as solopreneurs? Some highlights:

  • Know your mission: Jess didn’t have self confidence as a kid, and had to fight limiting beliefs, such as “I’m too big” and “I can’t do it”. Her boyfriend encouraged her to get into kickboxing, she became a champion and then devoted her energy to helping others to build their own confidence through it
  • Jessica is now teaching others to find their inner champion. It’s never too late to start; it depends on your goals how far you are prepared to go
  • Personal development is another crucial component alongside physical exercise, in order to cultivate a champion’s mindset. Jessica also runs a weekly book club as part of her I Am Fighting Fit kickboxing club, where relevant non-fiction books are discussed.
  • Becoming a champion created the confidence in her to believe in herself to go self-employed. NLP and hypnosis helped her to make the mindset shift
  • Everyone wants the glory of being a champion, black belt or master, but do they want to turn up at every training session, even after they had a long day at work and didn’t have a good nights sleep? Consistently repeating what you need to be doing in order to succeed, is key to success
  • You need to have the discipline because the motivation will not always be there. Dedication, determination and discipline are key to success.
  • Identify the gaps and find your niche. Jessica is currently using her experience of kickboxing and hypnotherapy to help martial arts instructors.
  • Know your mission and understand what drives you. Jessica has completed a vision board with her Ikigai as a constant visual reminder of the common area between what she loves doing, what she is good at, what she can earn money from and what the world needs.

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