Vision with Action Changes the World

Vision without action is just a dreamaction without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.” (Joel A Barker)

I am about to complete the current intake of my Vision to Action program. A small group of dedicated solopreneurs have over the last three months gained in-depth awareness of what drives them and what motivates them. They drew their long-term vision, elicited their values and used them as compass for their marketing and businesses. They created clear and detailed goals, prioritized effective actions and built habits that will create sustainable success.

 Having spent enough time working with self-employed business owners, one recurring issue I noticed is the lack of ‘success formulas’ in the real world, despite what the gurus will try to tell you. The only constant I have observed, is the importance of your ‘why’ and your commitment to bring it into action. It’s about being clear on what drives you to do what you do, as well as using that knowledge to make your actions more purposeful, effective and authentic.

It is simply not enough to know what your vision and values are. You also need to understand how to transform them into purposeful action and sustainable habits. And in order to align the big picture (vision/values) with the small, day-to-day actions, you need two more intermediate chain links: you need to be clear on your goals and plans (what you are going to do and how you are going to plan for it) and crucially, your identity (who you need to be in order to achieve these goals).

Once all these different layers are aligned, you are ready for a business life full of clarity, freedom and purpose. The solopreneur’s elusive dream of ‘working smart, not hard’ will be within reach.

Go on and change the world,
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