How Do You Find Your Inner Symphony?

Freedom is a big word nowadays; people refer to it in a number of different contexts, including having the freedom to ‘do what they want’, not to comply with government regulations etc. But according to Mira, freedom is about utilizing your whole being, including your intuition, to take decisions and lead your life.

Applying esoteric tools such as Mongolian stones, Hebrew numerology and Chinese astrology, she helps people to delve within themselves for the answers. We discussed the importance of vibrations, energy and everyone’s quest to find personal harmony, or as Mira likes to put it, their own ‘symphony’.

As a creative musician, I like her use of musical analogy and I agree that being in harmony with our inner energy (whether you call this ‘vibration’ or something else) is crucial in understanding ourselves. But how do we apply this wisdom and knowledge in our day-to-day life as solopreneurs?

While Mira speaks of people finding their symphony, I prefer to use a different musical term to describe the solopreneurial hustle. I often speak of ‘one-man’ or ‘one-woman’ bands in this context. As small business owners, we are often the singer, guitar player, drummer, songwriter and producer in the band. This can be a bit overwhelming at times, and take us away from our sense of inner freedom, which is the very thing we sought out by choosing a self-employed existence!

We often find activities which are crucial for our success, such as showing up regularly online or making sales calls, daunting. While in our heads the issues are related to ‘others’ and how they will react to us, in reality our problem stems from our own ego limitations. Being too self-aware and preoccupied with ‘what others will say’ is a source of stress, anxiety and very often, failure.

By taking the time to regularly re-connect with the things that ‘make us tick’, we remind ourselves of our true purpose and our ego retreats with this insight. When our values and purpose are aligned with our goals, habits and daily actions, then we find out inner freedom again. This is how finding inner balance and harmony looks like. This is where we find our inner ‘symphony’.

Published by Kostas Panagiotou-The Freedom Composer

Creating Clarity and Freedom for overwhelmed solopreneurs, small business owners, therapists and creatives - | Composer | Birman cats

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