Set your Intentions Now To Achieve Your 2022 Goals

One of the genuinely positive effects of social media, is the fact that it allows you to build a digital footprint of your goals, intentions and actions. Back in December 2020, I wrote in my music artist Facebook page that my intention for 2021 is to make a number of musical collaborations happen.

Just like in my coaching work, I do not believe in seeing colleagues as a threat, or ‘competition’. Many people in my field talk about a mindset of abundance, but when it comes to it, it’s only practiced by a few. If you truly believe that the universe will and can provide for everyone, then it’s only natural that you will consider your work as a coach, business owner, therapist or musician as part of a bigger mosaic, in which you are but a piece.

Collaborations not only help you grow and learn as an artist or business person; they give you the opportunity to offer to your followers a full package of support (or enjoyment); they also give you the opportunity to be introduced to the contacts or followers of the person you are collaborating with. In that sense, it is a win-win situation.

So this year, I set out to do the following things in my coaching business and musical activities:

  • I ran my first group coaching program and collaborated with a hypnotherapist coach who used abundant mindset hypnosis to help change the limiting beliefs of my participants
  • I started a podcast where I delve into the world of people who have found their freedom by doing what they love doing. This has allowed me not only to learn, but to also get to know better a number of people who inspire me and whose service my clients and I can use in the future (and of course vice versa)
  • I participated in a heavy metal charity single in memory of a young musician who sadly departed because of cancer. This gave me the opportunity to work with high profile musicians in my scene I have never worked with before
  • I collaborated with a fellow coach and a friendly singer-songwriter to create a Christmas charity single in a genre I wasn’t familiar with before (pop ballad). This is helping me to stretch my comfort zone and potentially get in the radar of a completely new audience

It’s doubtful that these collaborations would have happened had I not set my intentions a year ago. They helped me to set clear goals, as well as keeping my mind focused on opportunities coming my way. I would likely not have spotted these opportunities had I not been explicitly looking for them.

Setting your intentions means that you start from a place of clarity of purpose. Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, and you have checked that these intentions are aligned to your values, it’s a matter of planning ahead and setting measurable goals in order to track your progress. The compound effect of your daily actions and habits will determine your future success.

What about you? What intentions are you setting yourself for 2022?

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