Heal Your Inner Patriarchy with Maira Danni

Do you suffer from the effects of internalized capitalism, patriarchy and violence? Gestalt Therapist and Sexologist Maira Danni reckons that you do.

According to her, patriarchy has been installed in human society about five thousand years ago, and has been with us since then, causing trauma and damage to both men and women.

The good news is that you can heal your internal patriarchy; all you need is to apply the healing forces of love and freedom in your life and respect the boundaries of the people around you. Maira explains in detail how you can do this.

I am of course delighted to hear this, as a big advocate of exercising personal freedom and responsibility, in order to take our personal and professional lives where we want them to be!

Join us in the latest episode of my podcast “How Did They Do It” to find out more about the anarchistic origins of Gestalt, the genesis of patriarchy, Maira’s views on healing from domestic violence, why people don’t like to talk about sex, why anger management is not a great term to use and so much more!

Heal Your Inner Patriarchy- Interview with Maira Danni

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