I’m a busy body who has spent big parts of my life studying human behaviour, composing music, admiring nature and alternating between the security of being in employment, and the freedom of having my own business. I’m grateful for my marriage, my relationships and my cats and don’t take anything in life for granted.

I started using the moniker Kostas The Coach a few years back as I couldn’t think of a catchy name to discuss my life coaching activities. I guess I do what it says on the tin! I have a passion for Psychology, Life and Small Business Coaching and NLP and I’m based in Llantwit Major, Wales. I have helped people of various backgrounds find the ideal intersection between profit, joy and values in their lives, and I assist solopreneurs to grow their businesses sustainably, while remaining aligned to their why.

My passion has led to this blog, where I give my views on topics relating to personal development, happiness, joy and the right way of making a living.

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