How To Measure your Power and Determination

I was recently invited to participate in a board break during an NLP Master training session. When my mentor Dr Bridget invited me to attend, I first thought that a ‘board break’ was some sort of clever NLP metaphor. I was expecting detailed mindset work that will bring to the fore the dirty wash of my unconscious mind, as NLP often does!

But as it turned out, it was LITERALLY that: the breaking of a wooden board, an action which requires quite some mental preparation, as well as determined action. Before you proceed to break a board, there are quite a few things you must get in order first.

 You symbolically write on one side of the board the limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back, and on the other side those you want them replaced with. Then you work on your breathing, prepare your mind, practice your moves and eventually go ahead and execute them. 
It is a great way to measure your power and determination. It requires the perfect coordination of a number of factors:

  • Modelling success behaviour 
  • Following a tried and tested process to get results 
  • Reaching beyond your goal, in order to achieve it 
  • Taking massive action when the time is right
  • Having unwavering self-belief about the outcome of your actions 

So maybe, the breaking of a board is an NLP metaphor after all. Just have another look at the five factors above. Wouldn’t doing these sort of things regularly and consistently be your shortcut to personal and professional success? I think it would!

Here’s to a week in which you show those around you your power and determination!


Published by Kostas Panagiotou-The Freedom Composer

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